CF FL Main Event winners for the 2/15 event.

Thank you to all the players who came out to the Holiday Inn for the Central FL Main Event.
Congratulations to the winners of the Central FL main event. 

1st place-Bill Benedict
2nd place-Abe Baker
3rd place-Carl Command 
4th place-Scott Moses 
5th place-Mike Kelley 
6th place-Vish Baldeo 
7th place-Tom Kemper 
8th place-Bill Dallaire 
9th place-Jo Johnston 
10th place-Cliff Jordan 
11th place-Jeri Huneycutt
12th place-Pearl Desjardins
13th place-Kristina Godiksen
14th place-Jerry Lucy 
15th place-Jim Butler
16th place-Mark Puck
17th place-Ray Jones
18th place-Michelet Holton
19th place-Don Holmquist
20th place-Tom Walker