THPT return to poker

by Stephanie 8. June 2020 18:13
THPT Family,


Florida is now officially in Phase 2 and it's time to get back to some poker!  THPT will begin reaching out to all Central Florida venues this week to have discussions on getting back to the tables.  Our Panhandle and Northeast areas have started a soft opening this week. Our Southwest and West (Spring Hill/Hudson/Lakeland) areas will begin reaching out to venues later this week.  Some venues may be ready and some may not have us return.  We will post which venues will be starting poker on our website home page and calendar, email blast, and post on our Facebook page along with any rules that particular venue would like us to follow.  We will be continually updating this info so please make sure to check either the website or Facebook for the most up to date info. 

There are updates to the rules for the Central FL and Northeast area as of June 19.

In addition to any specific rules that a venue may have, THPT will be implementing the following rules:

1. We will be sitting only 7 players to a table plus the dealer for at least a few weeks when starting a venue and will up the number of players at our discretion.

2. There will be no eating at the tables. If you order food and it arrives during a game that you are seated in you must sit out and finish your meal before returning to the game.  If you are close enough to the table the dealer can notify you if you are in a blind so you can play that hand only but you must sanitize your hands when coming back to the table for that hand.  

3.  We are asking at least one dealer per venue to have a can of Lysol on hand so that all dealers can disinfect their equipment at the beginning of the session and again at the end of the session.  We also will ask the dealer to have a bottle of hand sanitizer on-site for players to use throughout the night.

4.  Players in between games are not to hover over the table while games are in play and cannot be seated at a table if you are not in the game.  

5.  Masks are recommended in all areas but as of June 19, they are, REQUIRED at ALL CENTRAL FL AND NORTHEAST AREA VENUE games for both dealers and players. For area not requiring a mask, this is your personal choice if you decide to wear a mask. Berating of players at the table for either not wearing a mask or wearing a mask will not be tolerated.  

6. Please sanitize and wash your hands frequently throughout the night especially if you are eating, cough, or sneeze.  The best practice is to get in the habit of making sure not to touch your face, nose, or mouth at all while at the table.  

7.  If you are feeling ill please stay home.  

The mandatory shutdown has affected many businesses in a negative way. While we are thrilled to be back we also hope there is an understanding that we “may” need to adjust prize pools or main events for the remainder of the year.  As you know our income for prizes comes directly from venues paying us as entertainment (the only legal way). Thank you to all of the players who have contacted us and shown support during this difficult time. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. We look forward to seeing everyone back at the tables!