Terranova's Restaurant and Pizzeria staring Sunday

by Stephanie 27. March 2015 11:18

Come see our newest location Starting Sunday!
Terranova's Restaurant and Pizzeria
208 N State St  
 Bunnell    FL    32110
Sunday March 29
This is a time correction game is 4pm!
3pm
Game 4pm


West Co Main Event March 2015

by Stephanie 25. March 2015 18:37

Congratulations to the winners of the West Co area Main Event!
1st David Perry
2nd Dan Akes
3rd David
4th Steve White
6th Mike
7th Linda
Wayne Rowe
9th Tara
Sharon Vanderheiden
Ivan Nester




The Bring your Trophy party Friday March 27

by Stephanie 24. March 2015 09:28

The Bring your Trophy party Friday March 27
Join us and celebrate!
As a way to congratulate both current and former trophy winners for all THPT events we will be having a "Bring your trophy poker party" next Friday at
Oviedo Bowl
376 East Broadway St
Oviedo FL 32765
Friday March 27
6pm
Game 7pm

Any player that brings a THPT trophy they won from one of our events will receive a win for the current quarter. In addition all trophy players will be considered a bounty for the course of the night. The first time of the night any trophy player is taken out the player who took them out of the tournament will receive a win. Any time the trophy player is taken out for the rest of the night the player taking them out will receive 3 chip cards. Let's congratulate all our past and current winners and get some wins in the process.


THPT's Mini Deep Stack Tour. at DBKC Sat 3/28

by Stephanie 4. March 2015 06:18


THPT's Mini Deep Stack Tour. at DBKC Sat 3/28
960 South Williamson Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 252-6484
Saturday 3/28
Saturday 4/25
10:30AM
Game 11AM
Mini Deep Stack Tournament at DBCK buy-in is $50, if you have won a $40 buy-in at one of our local venues your event entry fee will be an additional $10. For all other players the entry fee is $50 anyone is eligible to come and play at this Special Daytona Tournament.
DBCK March Tournament Calender


Central FL Main Event Winners March 2015

by Stephanie 2. March 2015 09:04

 Thank you to all the players and dealers that came out to the Allure Resort this past weekend to make for another successful Central Florida Main Event! We had just over 300 players competing to be the March 2015 champion! Here is your top 20!!

1st place-Jerry Sonnier
2nd place-Malak Aldada
3rd place-Ray Jones
4th place-George Peck
5th place-Eddie Desjardins
6th place-Pearl Desjardins
7th place-John Stewart
8th place-Rich McDonald
9th place-Phil Hadsell
10th place-Willie Sandor
11th place-Jim McEwen
12th place-Greg Leszek
13th place-Jonathan Olson
14th place-Akim Issac
15th place-Rachel Drake
16th place-Fred McFarland
17th place-Diane Gill
18th place-Sherri Yochum
19th place-Chris Lopez
20th place-Donna Delaney

Congrats to all!!!


THPT Poker Cruise 2015 to Key West and Cozmel

by Stephanie 10. February 2015 12:05


SW Area Main Event Jan 25, 2015 Winners

by Stephanie 27. January 2015 15:06

Congratulations to the winners of the SW area Main Event on Jan 25, 2015
1st Place Dave Im
2nd Place
John Russell
3rd Place Blanche Ruff
4th Place Carla Peterson
5th Place John Weiss
6th Place Bob Cunningham
7th Place Nora Kierys
8th Place Abe Baker 
9th Place Dylan  Moeller
10th Place
Ron Newburger 


North East Area Main Event Winners Jan 10

by Stephanie 12. January 2015 09:21

Congratulations to the winners of the North East Area Main Event on Jan 10, 2015

1st-Alex Sochner (Silver prize)
2nd-Linda Trevor (Bronze & Pewter Prize)
3rd-Bill Farnan (Bronze Prize)
4th-Ernie Criscitello (Bronze Prize)...
5th-Nick Hlat (Pewter Prize)
6th-Scott Gill (Pewter Prize)
7th-Betty Rankin (Pewter Prize)
8th-Bob Caslian ($40 Daytona Seat)
9th-Ted Larson ($40 Daytona Seat)
10th-John Johns ($40 Daytona Seat)
11th-Joe Paternoster ($40 Daytona Seat)


The THPT Family

by Stephanie 17. November 2014 10:35

The THPT Family would like to send their condolences to John Boydon on the passing of his significant other Shari Whitley. Shari was a THPT player in the Venice, FL area. She also was a final table winner of the Central FL Main Event of December 2011. If you would like information on sending your Condolences to John please contact Stephanie at the THPT office at 888-608-1444 ext 1 or stephanie.clary@texasholdempokertours.com


West Co "Lakeland Area" Main Event Winners for Oct 12

by Stephanie 13. October 2014 16:51

West Co "Lakeland Area" Main Event
KC'S Family Bar & Grill. October 12th
Congratulations to the Final Table Winners!

1st Margie Conner
2nd Jamie Spear
3rd Lisette Wood
4th Dan Akes
5th Mike Sharik
6th Russ Winner
7th Laura Stone
8th Eric Vasquez
9th Joe Sokolowski
10th Wayne Rowe
11th Linda Winner