West Coast Lakeland Area Main Event 4/7

by Stephanie 6. March 2019 11:11


West Coast Lakeland Area Main Event at 
Beef 'O' Brady's Lake Miriam Square 
4810 Florida Ave S 
Lakeland, FL 33813
Located in: Lake Miriam Square
Phone: (863) 646-7757
Sunday, APRIL 7

11 AM
Game 1 PM 

Players must pre-register with the office, not with the dealers. Pre-registration will be open for the West Coast "Lakeland" Area Main Event on Tuesday 3/5 till Thursday 4/4 this event is for your OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, & JANUARY wins.

To pre-register call the office at 888-608-1444 x 1
If you leave a message and do not receive a callback your message was not received. 

You can also pre-register by sending an email to 

In your email include your NAME, PHONE number/Player ID, the NUMBER of WINS you have and THE MAIN EVENT YOU ARE PRE-REGISTERING FOR. *If you pre-register by email and do not receive a confirmation to your pre-registration, your email was not received and you are not pre-registered. 

You must pre-register. if you do not you will be placed on standby. 
If you cannot attend, call 888-608-1444x1 or email register@texasholdempokertours.com and let the office know that you can't attend and would like your wins rolled over to our next event. If you find on the day of the tournament that you cannot attend, please call the office within 4 days post-tournament and let us know you were unable to attend in order to have your wins rolled over. 



UCP Poker at the Palace Buena Vista Friday 3/29

by Stephanie 11. February 2019 14:27

UCP Poker at the Palace Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa

1900 Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 
Friday, March 29
5:30 pm 
Game 6 pm 
Join us for UCP of Central Florida's Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament

Suggested donation  
$75 until March 15th
$95 from March 16th through March 28th
$105 at the door 

To Pre-register go to https://ucpcfl.org/events/

Click here to see event flyer for more information


Link to the THPT website and Calendar

by Stephanie 16. October 2018 14:39


Click here or any story title to see more updates in the Blog area

by Stephanie 16. October 2018 14:39

Check out our blog area. Click on any of the underlined post titles on the home page and it will take you to the THPT daily updates page. For all posted updates. 


AdvancedPokerTraining.com, training program

by Stephanie 17. August 2018 13:58

A THPT Premier sponsor  AdvancedPokerTraining.com, has a special training offer for all THPT players.

Advanced Poker Training (APT)
 is a community of over 30,000 poker players, committed to improving their poker skills, winning more, and having more fun! 


To all THPT players, I hope you will check out AdvancedPokerTraining.com soon.  You can start by creating a free account, and then when you’re ready for an all-access membership, I’ve set up the offer code THPT so that all participants in Texas Holdem Poker Tours can get 25% or more off all our membership packages, which start at just $39.  Once you have an account, here’s the page on which you can enter that offer code:





Click here for more information on this great training program


Click here or any story title to see more updates in the Blog area

by Stephanie 10. May 2018 13:41

Check out our blog area. Click on any of the underlined post titles on the home page and it will take you to the THPT daily updates page. Not only can you see the four or five posts on the home page but a complete list of events for venues throughout the state. Keep up to date on special events and happenings in your area. You can even set it up to send an email notification when new posts are added. 

Also, check the calendar page for your area for updates and special events. On the venue calendar page for more information on each venue just click the venue name for a full post on that location. 


High Hand of the night Rule

by Stephanie 22. August 2016 11:24
There will no longer be one overall high hand for the night at each venue. Instead, ALL players with quads or better will receive an automatic win on their win card!


Becoming a THPT Dealer

by Stephanie 8. July 2014 09:11

Are you looking to make some extra pocket change or just can't get enough of the game of Texas Holdem?  We are currently in the hunt for skilled dealers to join our THPT family!  If you are interested or know someone that might be interested, please contact Matt at 321-283-5964 or Tara at 321-946-9790 or  tarat@texasholdempokertours.com.


THPT Players Promo

by Stephanie 5. June 2013 16:06

We are beginning a new promotion for our players that is in effect immediately at all of our venues. 
Any player that comes to the venue wearing a THPT shirt, wearing or bringing a THPT hat, AND has a THPT card protector, will be given a DOUBLE win on their first win of the night.  You must have all 3 of these items to be eligible for the double win.  This is to help promote the THPT brand/logo inside our venues and to help get the word out about the #1 free poker league in the state.
Please go to www.texasholdempokertours.com to purchase your THPT merchandise online or you may contact Tara Kleinschmidt at 321-946-9790/tarat@texasholdempokertours.com to place your order.


Check Out THPT Rules

by Chris 29. September 2011 11:18

Check out the rules page that I created to use as an example of how you can build your own custom pages for THPT. Such as charity events, quarterly announcements (prizes/winners), etc..